Crisis Response Strategy and Its Impact on Halal Organization Image and the Boycotting Intention


  • Nor Ez-Zatul Hanani Mohamed Rosli
  • Rosmiza Bidin
  • Siti Zobidah Omar
  • Mohd Nizam Osman
  • Julia Wirza Mohd Zawawi



The Halal industry has attracted world attention since the public starts to put their concern about the importance of consuming halal food not only because of religious obligation but also to their health. However, the emergence of issues and scandals related to Halal products has shaken the confidence of the public, consequently, even with one Halal issue, it can quickly explode into a severe crisis on a global scale. In Malaysia, Halal food crises has becoming a vital controversy among Halal consumers with organizations has been doubted to sell Non-Halal food products. Hence, when it occurred, the potential of damaging the organization's image and initiate the intention of boycotting the organization is increase. Therefore, using appropriate crisis response strategy is crucial to manage the outcomes of this crisis. This article conceptually discusses the crucial of applying certain crisis response strategies to effectively manage the image and intention of boycotting the organization. This article also conceptually proposed the religious characteristics to moderate the relationship between organization crisis responsibility and crisis response strategy on the outcomes of the Halal food crisis and the crisis response strategy to mediate the relationship between the organization crisis responsibility and the outcomes of the Halal food crisis.






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