Global Halal Cosmetics Standards: Requirements and Issues


  • Ely Tajuddin
  • Nur Rasyidah Abd Rashid
  • Fitriyyah Abdullah Asuhaimi
  • Muhammad Shirwan Abdullah Sani
  • Mohamad Aizat Jamaludin



Muslims are increasingly seeking halal cosmetics. This is reflected in consumer spending power; Muslim consumers now spend more on cosmetics and personal items. The knowledge of halal cosmetics among Muslims in Malaysia has grown throughout time due to advancements in technology, education, and the country's growing population. In addition, Muslim consumers are aware that the skin requires special attention and what is done to the face especially will have an impact on it. On that account, awareness of buying and using halal products is very vital for Muslims to avoid products that have been contaminated with non-halal substances. The study adopts systematic review and analysis of the Halal cosmetics literature. The findings show an issue of global halal standard implementation which are counterfeit halal logos and unstandardized halal standards (non-Muslim countries), may lead to confusion and doubt among consumers, impede mutual recognition between businesses, and hinder market progress. Furthermore, in Muslim countries the government is responsible for halal certification and standards supervision while non-Muslim countries rely on halal certifying agencies or organizations. Besides United Kingdom, other non-Muslim countries have no government regulations or control over the organization. However, they still have halal rules and standards as they employ standards from different countries. Therefore, considering that non-Muslim countries’ governments do not regulate the halal standard, it would be advisable for Muslims in the country to choose just one primary organization to monitor and regulate halal certifying body. So, halal implementation is not mandatory in Muslim countries, the governments have already set guidelines to maintain safety in the field of cosmetics.






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