HH Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Mohammad Aizat Jamaludin, invites all authors, researchers and academicians to submit manuscripts to our premium journal, Journal of Halal Industry and Services (JHIS).

Journal of Halal Industry and Services publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research across a complete range of Halal Industry ecosystem and services. This journal is enthusiastic to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the area of Shariah, fiqh & Islamic jurisprudence, Halal purification practice, Halal standards & regulations, quality, safety and management system, ethics and behavior, Halal business & marketing, Muslim Friendly Tourism & Hospitality, Islamic Finance, Halal education, Halal foods, Pharmaceuticals & Personal care products, Halal logistics, Halal authentication & sensors, Halal breeding, aquaculture and agriculture, Environment, Green technology and covering the whole Halal Industry ecosystem and services.

JHIS is an open-access journal that allows immediate visibility and access for research outputs as well as free usage of researchers’ results.

The journal rendering support to authors by:

  • Authors may retain their copyright.
  • The articles can be shared, re-used and archived without any cost.
  • Authors may self-archive once published to increase visibility.


All manuscripts will screen through a high standard protocol of double-blind peer review. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least 2 qualified reviewers from either Editorial Board or external penal expert based on the manuscript title. However, the final decision will be under Editor-in-Chief.


The manuscript management adhere to “Code of Conduct for Journal Editors and Code of Conduct for Publishers” and Best Practise as stipulated by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to prevent misconduct of research papers.


Submission can be made under “Online Submission” icon on the journal home page. You may also click HERE to submit the articles.


Please be informed that you are required to register yourself in order to submit the article under your author profile.