Properties of Grain Corn During Short Term Storage in Tropical Ambient Temperature


  • Sharifah Hafiza Mohd Ramli MARDI
  • Yahya Sahari MARDI
  • Nur Farhana Abdullah
  • Siti Rajwani Hashim
  • Ahmad Fadhlul Wafiq Abdul Rahman
  • Mohd Shahrir Azizan
  • Saiful Azwan Azizan
  • Faewati Abd Karim
  • Amir Redzuan Shamsulkamal
  • Azmirredzuan Sani



Grain corn in nature possesses a tendency to absorb and release moisture even during storage.  Grain respiration will lead to fungal growth, consequently mycotoxin development and decreased nutritional components. Storage in tropical weather like Malaysia, in which the temperature is constantly hot throughout the year (temperature 23–33°C, with relative humidity around 81%) will promote further spoilage to the stored grain corn. Therefore, this paper discussed the properties of grain corn during three months of storage in a Malaysian weather setting. Grain corn with the initial moisture content of 12.5± 0.02% MC bagged in the; a) woven polypropylene jumbo bags, b) woven propylene 40 kg bag and c) plastic sealed container was stored in  two different storage facilities located in MARDI for three months. The grain corn after three months of storage showed a consistent water activity, a darkening value in Chroma index, within the permissible limit of fungal growth and exhibits insect pest development of two major species of Coleoptera family. Grain corn is considered safe after three months of storage because low aflatoxin levels have been found, but the physical structure has been compromised due to insect pest infestations.






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