COVID-19 Situation in Thailand


  • Yi-He Kuai
  • Hooi-Leng Ser


The number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge globally, with millions of people affected and many innocent lives lost. Thailand reported the first confirmed COVID-19 case on 13th January 2020. Among the three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, the third wave is more severe than the previous waves, indicating a lack of strong public health interventions. The health authorities in Thailand are constantly promoting the COVID-19 vaccination plan to achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus. Facing economic pressure, the government decided to open up border tourism from 1st November 2021 and continue monitoring the COVID-19 transmission among the community. The war against COVID-19 is still ongoing. In order to win this challenging war, unified collaborations between public, governmental agencies, and industries are essential for long-term success for all humanity.






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