Physical Health Impacts of Obesity: Comprehensive Review


  • Leow Chiuan Yee
  • Caroline Wenny Adrian
  • Khayrin Amalyn Khamki
  • Khok Yi Ying
  • Muhammad Fahmi Mohd Shahfri
  • Ngu Bing Hee
  • Nur Megawati Nazry Nelly
  • Patricia Santhirasaygaran
  • Soong Yoke Han
  • Teo Chaw Yi
  • Leow Chiuan Herng
  • Mei Jun Loy



Obesity is known as the excess accumulation of body fat which could impair the quality of life. This phenomenon has been witnessed in the drastic elevation of the prevalence of obesity which affected the society in an alarming situation. In line with the rising prevalence, it has depicted the staggering burden of the healthcare system in curbing this health issue and it is also associated with the burden of healthcare costs. Apart from the healthcare aspect, it has also influenced both economic and social development of the country. The rising trend of morbidity not only affected the adults, but also children. Hence, this literature review aimed to summarize the major harmful physical health impacts which are greatly associated with obesity and address the possible types of management to tackle this health issue. The revised evidence on the association of comorbidities with obesity is established. Obesity leads to several comorbidities which include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and disability in which these diseases are also the domain for the increase in mortality rate and potentiating the reduction of human lifespan. Therefore, this review capitalizes this health issue in order to disseminate proper knowledge in public and health practitioners on the severity of obesity with the associated diseases and discuss on the appropriate and effective disease management, either improving the awareness of primary prevention or reducing the severity of illness.






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