Assessment On Knowledge of Red Yeast Rice Among Public in Cyberjaya, Malaysia: A Cross Sectional Study

Knowledge of Red Yeast Rice Among Public


  • Ganesh Sritheran Paneerselvam LECTURER
  • Yaman Wallid Kassab



Red yeast rice is used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicines. It was proven that red yeast rice is safe and efficacious in lowering the cholesterol level thus, help reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases on an individual. This study aims to assess the knowledge of red yeast rice among public in Cyberjaya and to identify the associated factors on knowledge about red yeast rice. A cross-sectional study was conducted that involved 278 respondents in Cyberjaya. A pre-tested and structured questionnaires was used to collect information. It consisted of questions of demographics and knowledge about red yeast rice. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 25.0. The mean score (SD) for knowledge were only 1.25(0.497) out of 10 that shows that majority of the respondents have poor knowledge regarding red yeast rice. This study also discovered that only the occupational status was of the respondents affected the knowledge on red yeast rice (p<0.05). Respondents who are working has higher knowledge 3.16 (1.96) than those who not working 2.65 (1.46). This shows an individual’s knowledge can be affected by environmental influence at working place. In conclusion, the public need more comprehensive education programs regarding the use of red yeast rice by the pharmacists and healthcare provider.