Consumers’ Preference in Online Purchasing of Ornamental Plants in the Klang Valley, Malaysia


  • Muhammad Mursyid Mohd Tanos
  • Nurashikin Kemat



The internet’s growth has opened doors for global sales, particularly in Malaysia, where a rising trend in online shopping is evident. Floriculture entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity to boost ornamental plant sales online, driven by the increasing internet-savvy Malaysian customer base. Despite the overall surge in online commerce, ornamental plants face challenges in popularity compared to items like clothing or food. Various factors influence consumer preferences for online ornamental plant purchases, including plant pricing, quality attributes, and reliable delivery services. This study aims to explore the factors influencing consumers toward purchasing ornamental plants online, assess consumer preferences, and understand how these patterns may impact future buying behaviour. The conceptual framework includes five independent variables: price, quality, time-saving, convenience, and delivery service, with consumer preferences as the dependent variable. Data was collected from 154 respondents in Klang Valley, Malaysia, who were experienced in purchasing ornamental plants online, and analyzed using descriptive and mean ranking analysis. Findings show that the critical platform s for purchases were Facebook, Shopee, and WhatsApp, with seedlings and adult plants priced under RM 20 being the preferred choices. Respondents identified price, quality, time-saving, convenience, and delivery service as crucial factors in their online purchasing decisions. Delivery service emerged as the most influential factor, earning 100% preference. Consumers were firmly willing to buy ornamental plants online if inform ed about the seller’s quality and packaging methods, as highlighted by a mean score of 4.533. The study emphasizes that consumers prioritize “quality delivery service” when making online purchases. “Convenience” is another critical factor, allowing consumers to compare prices before buying. Overall, consumers focus on price, quality, convenience, and time savings when buying ornamental plants online. Sellers are encouraged to go beyond these factors, employing diverse strategies to attract consumers to the online ornamental plant market.






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